How it works

Let’s start off by giving you a bit of background. I’m Tash and I’ve been working in the industry for a couple of years now. I graduated from Solent University after studying BSc Web Design & Development back in 2017.

During that time I found that it can sometimes be difficult to get real honest feedback on your portfolio when it comes to applying for jobs. Of course, every job is different and what your portfolio showcases should be tailored to specific jobs, but there are underlying foundations that every portfolio should have.

So I’ve created Honest Feedback, a safe space for you to share a link to your portfolio and let me know what you’re trying to achieve e.g. the types of jobs you’re applying for.

The Process

  1. It’s important to give some context into what your portfolio is for and what you’re trying to achieve. You’ll do this by answering a few questions.
  2. Now that we’ve covered the who, what and why you’ll provide a link to your portfolio. This could be your own personal website or links to Behance/Dribbble etc.
  3. Submit! Your portfolio will now be sent to Honest Feedback and you’ll receive feedback on your portfolio via email, Skype call or over a coffee, you choose ☕️